sunsetcruise2If you’re looking for an escape, the sunset cruise can assist. On your next vacation, consider ending your trip on a peaceful sail against an orange glowing sky, soaking in the last bit of relaxation time before heading back to reality.

The Sunset Cruise departs everyday about an hour before sunset. As visitors head to dinner or home, you can steer clear of the hustle and bustle and get in one more memorable experience with you family.

After a long day in the heat and sun, the cooler evening temperatures are great for a family outing as everyone winds down.  You’ll be out at sea in perfect time to catch a spectacular view as the sun sinks toward the horizon. There’s nothing left for you to do but sit back, relax and enjoy the ocean breeze and picturesque sunset.

This trip is worry-free, so no need to stress over snacks and drinks. The two-hour sail includes complementary bottled water, soft drinks and light hors d’oeuvres, but adults are welcome to bring beverages in small coolers.

What better way to end the day than on a Sunset Cruise? To book yours, call 251-981-6700.