6 Exciting Ways to Set Sail for Adventure on the Gulf Coast

Our beaches are breathtaking, with sugar-white sands and rolling blue waves that offer endless opportunities for relaxation. But let's face it—you can only soak up the sun for so long, especially if you’re traveling with kids. If you're looking to give your beach trip a boost and add a splash of excitement to your vacation, it's time to set [...]

May 28, 2024|

5 Unique Sailing Facts

Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast or have barely been on the water, you are sure to enjoy these unique sailing facts. 1. Joshua Slocum was the first man to sail around the world by himself. In 1898, Joshua Slocum, a Nova Scotian-born American, set out on a solo journey to circle the globe in his sailboat. His book about the journey, “Sailing Alone Around the World,” became an international best-seller. 2. [...]

August 20, 2023|

Say Hello To 2024 With A Resolution You Will Want To Keep – And Do Again And Again!

Let’s talk New Year’s resolutions. Do you love them or hate them? Do you keep them or lose them? No matter where you fall among those possibilities, we have a resolution you will not only enjoy keeping, but you will want to do year after year: a sail on Wild Hearts! A beautiful sunset, the cool gulf breeze, and time with your loved ones. Does [...]

Go for Variety!

You’re heading for Gulf Shores and Orange Beach for your vacation. Maybe it’s your first time, maybe your hundredth. There’s no limit to the fun you’ll have as you jump into an abundance of exciting adventures and relaxing activities. But why limit yourself to just one sailing excursion? Sail Wild Hearts offers multiple outings for everyone to enjoy, plus private [...]

Sunset Cruise

The Alabama Gulf Coast is full of memorable experiences waiting to be made. We may be a bit biased, but one of our favorite experiences is the sunset cruise through Sail Wild Hearts. Being on a sailboat while the sun sets is a bucket-list item for many people, and it’s easy to see why. The vessel that Sail Wild Hearts [...]

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