On Mother’s Day, a nice dinner, a movie or sparkling jewelry are standard go-to gifts. But what does Mom really deserve for Mother’s Day? A day on a sailboat.

After her hard work year-round, a day full of relaxation is just what she needs! Aboard Wild Hearts, skimming across the bright blue gulf water with the sea breeze at her face and warm sun basking down can help even the most stressed mothers recharge.

With plenty of fun activities available to keep everyone busy, the Kayak Adventure Snorkel Sail is a win-win for mom and the rest of the family.

Kids can jump into a kayak and navigate around Robinson Island to explore the amazing views and wildlife the area has to offer. It’s also the perfect spot to snorkel in the clear, calm water.

For the more balanced, paddleboarding is a great way to explore as well. Paddle along the island shoreline and easily hop off and onto land to take in Robinson Island.

With so much to do on one cruise, the entire family can stay occupied while Mom gets some peace and quiet as she relaxes on the island.

On this cruise, all you need to bring is yourself! We provide complimentary bottled water, as well as soft drinks and snacks available for purchase. And no worries – we’ll always have life jackets available.

To get this out-of-the-ordinary Mother’s Day gift, or choose from a number of our other cruises, give us a call at 251-981-6700 to obtain a gift certificate or to book your cruise.