helmIf it’s your first time on a sailboat, we want to make sure you know what you’re getting into! When you hop aboard our 54-foot catamaran, our captain can get you up to speed on how the boat works, but below are some terms to help you out.

Mast – A pole that rises vertically from the deck of a boat and supports sails. Our mast rises 72 feet in the air.

Mainsail – The mainsail on the mast drives the sailboat windward (toward the wind). Ours features our Wild Hearts logo and phone number.

Boom – A horizontal pole that attaches to the mast and extends the foot (bottom) of the mainsail. Ours stretches a wide 30 feet.

Bow – The forward part of a boat, where some of our guests like to sit and sunbathe.

Stern – The back of a boat.

Helm – A tiller or wheel and any associated equipment for steering a ship or boat. Ours is a wheel and we let our passengers take the helm at times during the cruise.

To view our open-ocean catamaran firsthand, go ahead and book a sail! There are plenty of cruises to choose from, so you can pick the right fit for your group.