Colorful sunsets, playful dolphins and good company . . . it’s hard to improve upon perfection. An Orange Beach sailing excursion with the Wild Hearts crew is all those things. But there are a few ways you can take your sail from great to outstanding.

  1. Leave your worries behind. Forgetting about your troubles is rule #1 in sailing. Once you step on the boat, your stress and problems aren’t allowed. Think of it this way: You didn’t purchase a ticket for all those worries (ahem, extra baggage), so they get left at the dock. After all, you will immediately feel relaxed once we lift the sails and turn off our twin motors. There simply is nothing like the sound of the wind pushing a sailboat through the water.
  2. Bring the people you love. Good company can really make your trip. Load up your favorite people for an afternoon of sun and sailing. Challenge your bestie to a hula hoop contest and be comfortable enough to chuckle a little at yourself. You were probably 12 the last time you hula hooped anyway, right?
  3. Let’s get practical. It isn’t often, but sometimes our gulf waters like to really give us a ride. If it’s too rough, we will sail the back bays of Orange Beach. It’s still a picturesque setting and you don’t miss anything. You’ll spy dolphins swimming nearby and we will still have those hula hoop contests!  However, if you think you’ll have a bout of motion sickness, plan ahead and take advantage of one of the many motion sickness medicines available over the counter.

Now that we’ve prepped you on making the most of your Orange Beach dolphin cruise, check out our website to book your excursion online.