There’s just something about being out on the calm, open water that makes all worries and stress drift away. The music of the waves lapping against the boat, the laughter of seagulls in the distance, and the warmth of the final rays of sun are all elements of serenity you’ll find on a sunset cruise.

After a long day or a long week, this nearly 2-hour trip rejuvenates you. Departing an hour before sunset, you’re able to sit back and take in the final moments of the day. Watch the sun sink lower and lower as the sky turns a golden orange that reflects off the water around you, illuminating the gulf. With a light sea breeze, all the elements come together to create a paradise on our yellow catamaran.

The simplicity of this cruise allows you to enjoy the nature that surrounds you and the company you’re with. There are no scheduled events or excursions – just smooth sailing that lets you enjoy the stillness of the evening.

A sunset cruise can be a whole family event, or a romantic date night. Check our calendar and go ahead and plan on some much needed R&R.