When you Sail Wild Hearts, you get the full sailing experience, and a big part of that is how our crew interacts with our 53-foot catamaran.

A main component of a sailboat is, well, the mainsail. Our mainsail is black and white with the Wild Hearts logo on it. The mainsail sits on a horizontal beam called a boom, and is connected to a vertical beam called a mast. The boom and mast form the “L” shape your mainsail sits on.

Follow this quick 5-step overview to learn how the mainsail gets into perfect sailing position for your Wild Hearts voyage.

  1. The mainsail is unrolled.
  2. The head of the sail (the top, pointed end of the triangular shape) is found and is slid into the slot on the mast.
  3. The head of the sail is securely fastened with rope.
  4. The rope pulley is pulled to raise the sail.
  5. The sail is guided as it slides up the slot of the mast.

On your next Wild Hearts sail, pay special attention to how our crew gets everything in shipshape! Feel free to ask the crew questions about the boat before and during your cruise.