The Dolphins & Blue Angels Sail started up again in March. This cruise features high-flying entertainment by the Pensacola Blue Angels fighter pilots, and includes an adventure at Fort McRae.

What makes this cruise a popular pick for sailors? The view! Relax on our sailboat as we drift in the water while the jets soar overhead. Their booming engines pierce the air as the jets weave into formations. The aerial drills will awe you by not only the speed of the jets, but the intricate patterns the pilots fly in. It’s a sight like no other.

Most view the Blue Angels from the beach, which can become crowded with beach chairs and towels as folks gather to view the show. But you’ll have plenty of room on our 53-foot catamaran to spread out and relax, and you’ll still be able to take a dip in the water while the show goes on.

We’ll then sail to the historic Fort McRae where the fun continues! Take your pick of snorkeling, kayaking or paddleboarding while the crew preps for lunch.

This sail is full of fun and adventure for the entire family. Check the cruise dates on our website to book your Dolphins & Blue Angels Sail.