Snorkeling is a good way to get close to marine wildlife. There’s a certain thrill to viewing underwater creatures and plants that otherwise are difficult to see. When you’re ready to venture under the water to check out the amazing local nature, two of our cruises provide the opportunity you’re looking for.

The guided Snorkel & Sail Tour  provides 90 minutes of adventure. We sail to the Alabama Point jetty, where the snorkeling begins. The abundant sea life throughout the jetties will put you in awe as you swim around in the clear blue water.

For those wanting a little more variety, the Kayak Adventure Snorkel Sail will keep you busy! Snorkel around Robinson Island to explore sea life below. If you want to get a little farther from shore, hop on a kayak with your snorkel gear and find a good spot to stop and explore. This sail also gives you the option of jumping on a paddleboard and cruising around the island.

Our snorkeling excursions are always led by experienced divers. When you sail Wild Hearts, snorkel adventures are safe family trips everyone can get excited about! Call us at 251-981-6700 to book your sail.