Whether you’re a sailing enthusiast or have barely been on the water, you will enjoy these unique sailing facts!

 1. The phrase “feeling blue” originated at sea. When a ship lost its captain during a voyage, the sailors would sail blue flags, indicating their loss. Today, when you say you feel blue, you are feeling sad.

2. Sailing has been part of the Olympics since 1896. Except for the 1904 Summer Games, sailing has been included in all modern Olympic games. That makes it one of the longest running Olympic disciplines around.

3. Sailing around the world westward is more difficult than eastward. Most world-record contenders choose to sail eastward due to the stronger and more predictable winds and currents that push eastward in the Southern Hemisphere.

4. “He’s a loose cannon” is another phrase with sailing roots. The cannons on a ship could weigh up to 3,400 pounds. Just as a loose cannon could cause damage on ship, a person referred to as such may also create unwelcome situations.

5. The world-record sailing speed is 65.45 knots (121km/h). As of November 2012, the fastest sailing speed on record is held by Australian Paul Larsen. His specially designed Sailrocket 2 has an unconventional design meant for high-speed sailing.

Feel free to impress your friends with your new sea-worthy trivia!