We know the sugar-white sand beaches and rolling blue waves of the Gulf are a sight to behold. But when you’ve built your sandcastle kingdom, conquered the kids at beach volleyball and splashed in the waves until your toes are all wrinkled, it may be time for a new Gulf adventure.

Set sail for new horizons with Sail Wild Hearts, the ultimate sailing experience in Orange Beach, Alabama. Step aboard Wild Hearts, our spacious 53-foot open-ocean yacht, for an unforgettable adventure filled with fun, relaxation, and stunning Gulf Coast views. Wondering what makes Wild Hearts the coolest catamaran on the Gulf? Let’s hoist the anchor and discover five fantastic features that make us stand out!

1. Dropdown Stairs: Making a Splash with Style

Unlike some boats that require a daring leap of faith (or an awkward swimsuit malfunction) to enter the water, Wild Hearts boasts dropdown stairs. When we beach the sailboat, these stairs drop down like a sandy red carpet so you can disembark and conquer our sandbar islands like a seasoned pirate. If you’re on the Kayak Adventure Sail, there’s no need to channel your inner high diver – just grab your snorkel and prepare to be wowed by the underwater world. Whether you’re snorkeling, kayaking, swimming, or simply enjoying a seaside stroll, these stairs ensure your adventure starts and ends with ease and comfort. (Note: we do not provide snorkel, but guests are welcome to bring their own!)

2. On-Board Swings: Say Cheese, Please!

What’s more Insta-worthy than a swing above the water? Wild Hearts features two on-board swings that are perfect for capturing that dreamy profile pic (because who doesn’t love a good sailfie?). Feel the breeze in your hair and the salt on your skin as you swing over the waves. It’s not just a swing; it’s a front-row seat to the best view on the Gulf. Snap a pic, share the joy, and make your friends sea-green with envy! (Note: the swings are available for use on specific cruises at the captain’s discretion when the boat will be beached.)

3. Restrooms On Board: Comfort Meets Convenience

Let’s face it: when nature calls, it’s good to have a comfortable option. Our catamaran has private, clean and convenient restrooms right onboard, so there’s no need to hold your breath waiting to get back to shore. Whether you’ve indulged in one too many beverages or just have a tiny human in tow, knowing there’s a restroom nearby provides peace of mind and avoids any potential need to walk the plank for relief.

4. Wild Hearts: The Bridge Whisperer & Our Mermaid Mascot

Here’s a tall tale for you: our custom-made mast has a little bit of magic – it’s designed to duck under Perdido Pass Bridge with ease and precision as we chart our way past the coast. But that’s not all! Grace, our very own mermaid guide, graces our flag and guides us to fair winds and following seas. Whether you believe in mythical creatures or not, you have to admit: having a mermaid on your side is a pretty good omen for an epic Orange Beach dolphin cruise.

5. A Topsail Crew

Our crew isn’t just a bunch of salty dogs (though they may tell you some swashbuckling stories.) Captain Zach Smith – also known as Captain Zach “Sparrow” – is a seasoned sailor with his own history of cruising the Caribbean islands. Deckhand Brittney has been sailing since she was in diapers and got her first lessons as a first mate from her father (everyone else called him ‘captain’).

With years of sailing experience and a passion for our local waters, these two work tirelessly to ensure your cruise in Orange Beach is safe, enjoyable, and memorable. They’ll keep you safe, make you laugh, and teach you all about life aboard Wild Hearts as they captain you to coastal adventures and priceless memories.

Ready to Set Sail?

From the unique features of our catamaran to the warm hospitality of our crew, Sail Wild Hearts offers an adventure like no other. If you’re looking for an unforgettable Gulf Coast experience that goes beyond the average beach day, set sail on one of our many Perdido Key and Orange Beach cruises. We guarantee you’ll have more fun than a pirate with a treasure chest (and probably even better stories to tell).